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Ben  Thorn
Director/Safety Officer
Sheriff Ben Thorn of Calaveras County, CA Instrumental in the capturing of Black Bart and spent 44 years in law enforcement.... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Wicked Red Thorn
Wicked Red is a former soiled dove who met and married Sheriff Thorn and became a proper woman. Red supports the Women's Suffrage movement by marching and giving speeches at every opportunity.... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Joy Jangles
JOY JANGLES is a lady of Victorian fashion, who is always dressed "to the nines" in period correct clothing of her own making, together with authentic accessories and jewelry. The concept of casual is a foreign concept t... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Krazy Kora
Krazy Kora is a kissin' cousin of Joy Jangles, and Kora makes an appearance when Joy is not available. She is quite the character, and it is never known what antics and mischief she might conjure up. By the way, she is m... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Bowie Knife
I was born to parents of Irish and Cherokee mix in the 1830ís in the area that would be become Iowa. Grew up hard and fast. Got tired of farming so at a young age left for parts unknown to seek my destiny - with rifle on... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Sapphire Rose
Marketing/Prop Coordinator
Sapphire Rose was born to a farming family in the Colorado territory in the 1840ís. She was very mischievous as a child and disliked daily chores with a passion. From the time that Rose was a child she always knew that s... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
William Travis
Sound Tech/Advisor
An attorney from South Carolina, William Travis was also a Mason and started the Claiborne Herald Newspaper. He later became Lieutenant Colonel defending The Alamo in Texas, declaring "Victory or Death!"... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Travis Clark
Pard, the boys in the bunkhouse are missin' ya somethin' fierce; the best bronc stomper & best man to share winter ridin' in line in the 4 corners. You weren't with us long but those that rode with ya admired knowin' ya ... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Antoinette Adams
A lovely lady with a terrible singing voice. She would entertain the miners and they would throw money on stage hoping she would leave. However, Antoinette thought they loved her voice because they threw money and kept s... Read More
Phone: 95160126219516012621
Hank Monk
Hank Monk is a stage coach driver in the 19th century who drove a stage between Carson City, Nevada and Placerville, California in the 1870s. He always had a great fancy for horses, and once drove eight horses abreast in... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Sarsaparilla Joe
Newsletter Editor/Historian
Sarsaparilla Joe is also, Head Fundraiser and Roving Ambassador for Code of the West. Born in Manassas, Virginia, in a rural farming community, Sarsaparilla Joe, was in the U.S. Cavalry assigned to the western frontier ... Read More
Phone: 951.601.2621951.601.2621
Ezmeralda Rose Pringle
Ezmarelda is a jewelry maker, seamstress and a professional underpinnings model! She has the highest standards in all she does!... Read More
Office: 95190233449519023344
Cell: 95190233449519023344
Tex Rydher
Tex Rydher was born in a sleepy little Texas seaside town where he grew with his parents and five brothers who owned the town Opera House. His mother was a famous German Opera singer. Tex fought in the war of the North... Read More
Phone: 95160126219516012621

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